I loooovvveee love love love love to travel.  I know, it sounds obnoxious, but it's true.  I sat around for years waiting for my opportunity to go to Europe, until I realized that if I wanted to go, I would have to make it happen.  So I did.  Seth and I graduated and headed off to Europe for 3 months.  Since getting back, I've just wanted to see more and more, I love going anywhere new, whether it's a few hours away or a few days away.  I try to keep a journal of all of the little or big trips we do here.

Currently, I live in Seattle, Seth and I work 40 hours a week selling (me) and designing (Seth) wedding invitations, and I'm working on getting my photography website up and will try to build that business as well.  We have a pomeranian named Cosi, so for now it's just us three.